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  • VCenter Cloud

  • DMSL 's VCenter Cloud

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    The DMSL laboratory features its own datacenter (i.e., private cloud) through which its users can allocate computational resources. In particular, we currently run a VMware vCenter Server that provides a centralized and extensible platform for managing our infrastructure that encompasses over 16TB of RAID-5 / SSD storage and 220GB of main memory on 5 IBM / HP multi-processor rackables. VMware vCenter Server, manages our VMware ESXi units providing us simple and automated control over our virtual environment. In particular, VCenter:

    1. Provides centralized control and visibility at every level of virtual infrastructure

    2. Delivers the security and availability of vSphere through automated proactive management

    3. Empowers a broad partner ecosystem to extend virtualization capabilities

    4. More about our infrastructure: VMware vCenter Server 5.1

  • DMSL 's Printer Guide

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  • SmartLab Cloud

  • DMSL 's SmartLab Cloud

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    SmartLab is the first world-wide cloud of Android Smartphones deployed at the Department of Computer Science building at the University of Cyprus. SmartLab provides a public, permanent testbed for development and testing of smartphone network applications via an intuitive web-based interface. Registered users can upload and install APK files on a number of Android smartphones, capture their output (screenshot or files), reboot the devices, create concurrent interactive jobs using MonkeyRunner scripts and many other exciting features. SmartLab will facilitate research in smartphone network programming environments, communication protocols, system design, and applications.